Betfair bots questions

We are receiving many queries about Betfair betting and Betfair bots (software programs). In this post we are listing some of the common questions.

1. Could you provide a ‘maximum bet liability’ feature on the lay recovery method,because it will help contain bank breaking exposure on any inevitable losing streaks.

2. I spoke to a friend about Betfair bot and wondered if it might be suitable for me as well. I need to put in a lay say 1hr before the start of an event and then place a bet on the same market a few minutes before it begins. Is this possible?

3. I am thinking of buying an ipad soon and was wondering if i could install the Betfair software on ipad?

4. I’ve started looking at the trial and was wondering if there was an option to select multiple selections in a single race. As an example if I’m laying to level stakes, and use a price range, it select the lowest priced selection in the odds range. Is there a way to select all runners within the price range?

5. It would be really helpful if you could bring in a option to bet on the Market Odds based on number of goals, for example back the team which leads by 2 goals. This would really help me in betting on soccer markets.

6. Can Betfair bot be used for arbitraging on Betfair? i.e. to back in the selections when book is less than 100% or lay all when over 100%. If so what is the success rate for this – can it sometimes miss any on the prices on offer. What speed can this be done and how often can it check for arbs?

7. Is there away I can have a target profit for every win race, that covers previous losses. Like BACK RECOVERY but here it goes for target profit for every race, so if first 4 races loses, its aiming for 5x target profit plus previous losses on 5th race so stakes rise too much. If I tick ‘safe mode’ then I only recover losses on the win. I want to stop at one win and have one recovery bet.
In other words, I want to have 4 (or so) selected races and to basically have 4 chances of winning one lot of target profit and to stop as soon as I get one winner. So on the win, I have won one lot of target profit + recovered previous losses only.

8. I wonder if you could tell me what staking plan you would recommend I use with this Betfair bot: I currently use a piece of software called ‘Smarter Bet Pro’ which is basically a recovery plan, you start by selecting whether you want a profit per race or sequence, you then input the odds for each runner and Betfair bot tells u the stake required. If the selection wins the software will tell you how much you have won, or if the selection loses you continue to input the price of the next selection and so on until a selection wins, it might be better if you if you took a look at Betfair bot itself at smarter-bet. The system is enough for my uses however I would like to automate the process so that I don’t have to monitor every race and hopefully Betfair bot can do this for me with an inbuilt plan or if you can build a plan based on ‘Smarter Bet Pro’.

9. I note that Betfair bot offers betting in a range. Is it possible to set the selection up where ALL horses in a range can be backed?

10. I’m trying to find Betfair bot that could do the following. I have a software that would send file with information (sport/league/match/market, minimum odds required and wanted winnings) and then I need an automated Betfair bot to check back odds on Betfair (normal and in-play) and calculate stake before it place bet (always back)… The bot must be fast, with minimum delays. It must be able to deliver reports (file) with details and status for every bet. I’ve found one bot that has similar features, but not sure if they are compatible with all my requirements. Also, in my this software I use different sport/league/match/market names, so I need some easy solution to ‘connect’ my names with Betfair.